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Just Car Batteries is a leading UK supplier of car batteries. Stocking all types of car batteries providing a  fast delivery service. we stock Good quality battery chargers,  Bosch agm car batteries, Bosch car batteries, Cheap Bosch batteries, varta car batteries, varta agm batteries, good motorcycle batteries,all types of car batteries, golf leisure batteries, yuasa car batteries, yuasa motorcycle batteries, cheap jump leads, heavy duty jump leads, ring power packs, ctek battery chargers. We are committed to supplying a high-quality product range at a competitive price whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service.

 From the past 40 years, we have strived constantly to achieve our customers' expectations when it comes to providing the right kind of battery customized according to your imminent needs. We have dealt with all types of batteries and our innate experience will not only make you our loyal customer, but also a prominent addition to our list of satisfied customers. It is our constant endeavor to provide you with good quality batteries at efficient prices. We share all your battery related concerns and help you buy the most cost effective battery suited to meet your needs. Buying batteries from us promises to be a smooth and hassle free experience.

A wide range of Car Batteries

Our efficient sales team can help you make an ideal choice from the various types of batteries we have to offer. Our portfolio of car batteries includes trusted brands like Bosch Agm Car Batteries, Bosch car batteries, Cheap Bosch batteries, Varta Car Batteries, Varta agm batteries and Yuasa Car Batteries. Members of our team are trained to help you with battery related problems also. We assist you in finding out what type of Battery Charger works best for your car battery. We also deal in the sales of battery chargers like ctek battery chargers and others.

Good Quality Motorcycle Batteries

We are experienced in the sales of good motorcycle batteries like varta, exide, yuasa and others. Whether it is a conventional battery you seek for the short run or the AGM maintenance free batteries, we can help you find the best one within your budget. We also deal in branded and non-branded gel-based maintenance free batteries designed to give optimum performances. If you have that small gap before you hit the roads again we can provide you with a choice of Good Quality Battery Chargers that can increase the life span of your motorcycle batteries. 

Leisure Batteries

Don't fret over the purchase of leisure batteries for your caravans, camper, motor homes or your boats. Our extensive range of leisure batteries is here to put an end to all your woes. Our leisure batteries are cost effective, high on quality and leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing supreme quality to your vehicles. 

Specialist Batteries

We take pride in our specialist batteries for cherry pickers. We deal in the sales of maintained free batteries which have been recognized for their reliability and performance. Our specialist batteries are also a good fit in golf trolleys. For those who like to stick to brands we deal in the sales of Sonnenschein batteries for golf trolleys. Sonnenschein batteries have been a favored name in the golf circuits for years.

 We are well known in the battery circles for providing good quality batteries for commercial trucks. We can assist you with choosing the perfect battery which won't let you down even in tough weather conditions. We also provide good battery chargers and charging solutions for commercial vehicles.

 If you do not find the battery you seek with us, please get in touch with our customer support team. We will make it our task to find the battery you want at a price you can afford. We value your trust in us and will make sure to take all the necessary steps to maintain it.