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Bosch Car Batteries

Bosch is a global supplier and is prominent for automotive technology, besides industrial technology, building technology and consumer goods. Bosch car batteries are well known batteries in the world. They ensure original specification and quality that replacing your original battery is cost effective and simple.

A pinpoint

Bosch car batteries offer complete peace of mind once fitted. They have battery ranges to fit smaller and heavier vehicles. The driving style, electronic equipment, vehicle category influence battery, and Bosch have every range to meet the need of each vehicle. In fact, replacement guarantee can be given.

Line of products

Bosch S3 Battery is an appropriate choice for older and smaller vehicles that needs a starting power and basic electrical equipment at an appropriate price. The advantages of this battery include:
• Suitable for older and smaller vehicles
• Maintenance free 100%
• Reliable at appropriate price
• Replacement guarantee for 3 years

Bosch S4 Battery is a powerful energy source suitable to cope larger vehicles or it can be said ideal for vehicles requiring more electrical equipment. The advantages are:

• Perfect for vehicles requiring basic comfort equipments such as parking sensors, electric windows and air conditioning.
• Cold-start performance to 15% more than conventional car batteries
• Longer service life to 20% and superb cold-start power
• Mobile replacement guarantee 4 years

Bosch S5 Battery is great for comfort and safety features and its reliable start at extreme temperatures. The key benefits also include:

• Cold-start performance to 30%
• Longer service life and cold start power
• Additional power to facilitate Sat Nav, ESP, Electronic Hand Brake
• Mobile replacement guarantee 5 years

There are many more Bosch car batteries in the line of products such as S5 to EFB technology and S6 with AGM technology. These offer excellent cold-start power and are designed to cope the modern vehicles comfort electronics.

The battery selection is determined by the type of vehicle, equipment, driveability and climate. The Bosch-Battery lines S3 - S4 - S5 are a customized battery programme for the individual requirements of every car. A battery that always meets the high quality demands of international original equipment regarding electrical values for cold starts and capacity.

Advantages of the Bosch-Batteries S3 - S4 - S5

  • PowerFrame technology: higher starting power, longer service life
  • 100% maintenance-free. Thanks to minimal water consumption the battery requires no servicing throughout it's life.
  • Maximum safety
  • Twin backfire protection guards the battery from sparks
  • During shipment, transport, handling or tilting. Sealed battery cover design means no acid can leak.
  • Easy transport and installation by means of ergonomic handles.

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