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Bosch AGM S6 Car Batteries

The power plant for maximum demands: Bosch battery S6 with AGM technology.
The new AGM battery technology by Bosch is absolutely maintenance-free, 100% leak-proof in any position and extremely vibration-proof.

Dependably ensuring the multitude of comfort, safety and system functions of the latest generation of cars requires a battery technology that meets extreme energy demands while promising reliable starting power at the same time. The new Bosch-Battery S6 with AGM Technology (Absorbent Glass Mat) guarantees this power for maximum performance in starting and power supply everyday. Thanks to AGM-Technology with fixed electrolyte, the Bosch-Battery S6 is extremely cycle-proof and long lasting. Bosch even recommends the Bosch-Battery S6 for middle-class cars with power starting at 3,500 watts and for vehicles with an extreme cycle load, such as taxis

Constant top performance where others throw in the towel.

Starting too many electrical consumers simultaneously will push a generator to its capacity limits. Basic starter batteries can balance this deficiency a maximum of 100 times at the height of their capacities. After that they begin to loose considerable power, which leads to troublesome starts. The Bosch Battery S6 can balance it 300 times. Its high energy flow rate ensures the output and input of lots of energy.

Depending on their equipment, the Bosch S6 is also recommendable for cars currently equipped with a 66 Ah-, 74 Ah-, 88 Ah-, 90 Ah- and a 100 Ah-battery as a standard.

Advantages of the S6 Batteries with AGM-Technology

  • Extremely cycle- and vibration-resistant
  • Up to 3 times longer service life due to AGM technology
  • Absolute maintenance free, spill- and leakproof
  • Installable in any position
  • Highest original equipment quality

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