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Ducelier Car Batteries

Ducelier Car Batteries, being manufactured at Nortan, are renowned worldwide for time tested reliability and quality. Manufactured with best of class world class standards, these are considered the most durable in class. Technology and designing are second to none despite being cheap at price. The cold engine start performance has been tested in extreme weather conditions; thus, these come with “EN” label that boosts the confidence of buyers further. Unique 12 months guarantee proves the confidence of manufacturers in their policy of incorporating the latest technology. Low maintenance Ducelier Batteries ensure adequate electrolyte level for longer period.

The overwhelming response at the introduction of just few basic models at start inspired the Company to extend the range further; as of now, you have more than 38 models to choose the best power match for your car. The variety of CCA, voltage, size, terminal setting like parameters simplifies the search for the best cheap car batteries. Ducelier 250 Car Battery, Ducelier 002L Car Battery, Ducelier 002R Car Battery, Ducelier 019 Car Battery and Ducelier 017 Car Battery are just few to check the variety.

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