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Exide Vintage Batteries

With presence in more than 80 countries, Exide Technologies is a leading batteries manufacturer with distinction. The brand is known for offering the best solutions to meet the stored energy needs of vehicles and other applications. Exide Vintage Batteries are specially designed for the old vehicles that need special size 6V battery. Exide Vintage EU80-6 (421se) Battery delivers the best in any weather- extreme winter or summer starting your vintage car smoothly in noise less manner .

6v, 80Ah Exide Vintage Battery delivers starting power of 600A (EN) 6v. Its 156mm (L)x 165mm(w) x 210 mm(H) size sets fit to almost entire range of vintage vehicles. Whether you own a classic car of Standard, Rootes, Morris, Austin, Ford or Vauxhall, Exide Vintage Batteries are sure to treat it in best way. Standard Round DIN post terminals are fixed at opposite side for easy installation. 6v EU80-6, 421 batteries are easy to maintenance; you can do it yourself.

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