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Monbat Premium Batteries

Monbat Group of Companies is a leading European manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for various applications. Monbat Premium Batteries are being liked by the budget conscious buyers who want the best value of the money in terms of performance. The best value of money that you pay comes because of the next generation technology and continuous innovations that is the part of MONBAT’s culture. The wide range of Monbat Premium Batteries offers excellent match for the power demanding vehicles including cars, trucks, heavy-duty automotives and buses. The offerings under this category offer cost effective solution for industrial storage power needs also.

Charge level indicator, sealed, maintenance-free, up to 30% more starting power, improved safety are the features that distinguish Monbat Premium Batteries. Whether the concern is car battery, deep cycled battery, specialist battery or a leisure battery, Monbat Premium series has the best power match. Monbat Premium 019 12v Car Battery, Monbat Premium 096l 12v Car Battery, Monbat Premium 096 12v Car Battery, Monbat Premium 075 12v Car Battery and Monbat Premium 12v 063 Car Battery etc are the best selling models.

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