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Odyssey Batteries

Not all the power batteries are created same. Odyssey Batteries have earned special status among the range of options that come across your search. These are flat plate virgin lead batteries; so, these are trusted to provide more power for longer life. Odyssey batteries are made for range of vehicles encompassing classic vintage to latest vehicles variants equipped with all modern gadgets very sensitive to power feed quality. Whether the concern is cars, trucks, boats, watercraft, motorcycles or anything else even other than automotive application, Odyssey Batteries offer perfect power match.

Odyssey PC680, PC925, PC1200, PC1220, PC1230, PC1350, PC1400, PC1500, PC1700, PC1750 and PC2150 batteries are extreme Odyssey Batteries for different power needs that never allows to compromise with performance and quality. Just explore the range, you will find the best solution. Some features that make Odyssey Batteries special are:

AGM Technology               No Acid Spillage                            High Conductivity
Corrosion Resistant          Tin-Plated Brass Terminals         Terminal Seal
Internal Gas Recycling     Self-Regulating Safety Valve       Flame Retardant
Vibration Resistant

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