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Optima Batteries

Modern vehicles and industrial applications need more and smooth power in different conditions. Power characteristics change at wide according to particular demands. Optima Batteries by Johnson Controls Power Solutions are designed for wide range of applications - automotive, industrial, commercial, leisure or agricultural. Whether the concern is high cranking, high Ah or high reserve capacity, Optima Batteries have perfect match. Optima Batteries are famous for unique spiral cells design that makes them spill proof and vibration-resistant. Optima AGM car batteries, introduced in mid nineties, are the most reliable power source in extreme conditions for special needs. Improved AGM technology delivers cost cutting benefits as the batteries of this class last longer.

Optima Batteries are classified in three color tops- Optima Red Batteries, Optima Blue Batteries and Optima Yellow Batteries. Optima Yellow Batteries are ideal battery for modern electrical accessories loaded vehicles. Optima Red Batteries are specially designed for trucks, SUVs, street cars and hot rods. The performance of Optima Blue Batteries is the best selection for Motor boats, integrated electronic systems and RVs etc.

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