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Optima Red Batteries

Optima Red Batteries are high-performance batteries designed with time tested AGM technology. It is the ultimate battery line specially designed to deliver strongest 5-seconds long ignition power burst for reliable start up. The widely hailed performance of Optima Red Batteries is outperforming traditional car or automotive batteries being used so far for cold starting applications. This battery series is tested to deliver unmatched performance even in extreme conditions. These are extreme resistant to common causes responsible for poor performance. The Optima Red Batteries are ideal pick to match the power needs of trucks, SUVs, street cars, hot rods and other traction applications requiring powerful start up. The key benefits of Optima Red Battery series are:

Strong Five-Seconds Starting Burst          Three Times More Life          Optimal Starting Power

Fifteen Times Vibration Resistance           Virtually Spill Proof                 Mountable In Any Position

Maintenance-Free                                          Fast Recharging

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