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Optima Yellow Batteries

High performance Optima Yellow Batteries have everything that you expect to meet out the special power requirements. These are dual-purpose automobile batteries. These are time tested to perform best in class as the forklift battery, tractor battery or for industrial and agricultural applications. These are famous for their proven cranking power and best in class cycling capability. These heavy duty batteries are perfect selection for the modern accessories-loaded vehicles. Optima Yellow Batteries can be brought live to full charge from complete power drains. This feature distinguishes Optima Yellow series from the rest. Lowest possible internal resistance supports these batteries to provide consistent power with faster recharges. Any of these would be the best pick for heavy duty trucks, vehicles equipped with high-demanding electronics gadgets, heavy commercial vehicles requiring more traction and heavy equipments. Deep-cycled power never disappoints you even in extreme weather conditions.

Strong Starting Burst                             Three Times More Life           Optimal Starting Power

Fifteen Times Vibration Resistance   Virtually Spill Proof                  Mountable In Any Position

Maintenance-Free                                 Fast Recharging                      300+ discharge-recharge cycles

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