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UKB Platinum Car Batteries

UKB Platinum car batteries are the largest supplying a range of batteries for leisure, automotive, commercial vehicles, marine and other specialist batteries. This brand is vast and entails various choices of Platinum batteries. It is considered to be the prestigious brand delivering premium performance and quality.

The UKB Platinum car batteries ensure best possible quality and all time reliability. These Platinum batteries offer intelligent power technology meeting the needs. The acceleration of automotive developments in the recent years has resulted in various packages to react and meet the increasing demands thereby guaranteeing reliability and improved power.

Key features
Platinum batteries offer premium performance and enhanced technological features to launch battery that offers right characteristics to meet driving needs. The platinum batteries cover a series of applications and include:
• State of charge indicator that features three colors such as Green for Ok, white represents replace and black indicates needs charging.
• The colors assist in always keeping it charged and is all ready to use.
• It features free sealed maintenance
• Suitable for an electrical toy to a motorized speed boat.

UKB Platinum car batteries present leading technology offering superior performance and incredible reliability. The labyrinth technology results such that the battery is maintenance free fully. The latest calcium manufacturing technology enhances the battery shelf life significantly and this results in the formation of the most corrosion resistant plate. The battery performance is enhanced and the life so that even during high temperatures it sustains.

The batteries cover the leads and this offers complete safety in reducing the terminals exposure and the unwanted oil, dust and dirt that may affect the poor connections for a prolonged time.

Product line
• Platinum Prestige car battery 063
• Platinum Prestige Plus car battery 063
• Platinum Prestige car battery 202
• Platinum Prestige Car battery 065
• Platinum Prestige Car battery 075