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Varta Taxi AGM Batteries

Varta Agm Taxi Batteries LTI Taxi Cab Batteries Varta car batteries are specially designed to meet or exceed the exacting specifications of the car manufacturers, they offer superior starting, unbeatable reliability, and all-round design enhancements. Varta taxi batteries carry a 36 month warranty. VARTA® TAXI BATTERIES WITH AGM TECHNOLOGY. RELIABLE PERFORMANCE FOR DEMANDING VEHICLE USE. Congested roads at rush hour and high electricity consumption, even when waiting for the next fare: the demands placed on taxi batteries are considerable, which is why they need to deliver top performance.

The VARTA TAXI battery with AGM technology is ideal for the extreme conditions of the taxi business and the preferred product of taxi OEMs PRICE COMPARISON: COST PER CYCLE. Tests in many different countries conducted under extreme climatic conditions all demonstrate that the VARTA® TAXI battery with AGM technology lasts up to three times longer than conventional batteries. The test measured the life of the batteries by the number of kilometres on the clock. The VARTA TAXI battery also impresses in the lab, boasting a service life that’s more than three times longer than that of conventional batteries.

Choosing a VARTA TAXI battery with AGM technology is bound to pay off, even if the purchase price is higher than those of competitors’ products. Once the number of cycles is taken into account, it becomes apparent that the VARTA TAXI is better value. It can withstand three to four times more cycles than conventional batteries, resulting in a signifi cantly lower price per cycle.


  • A service life of up to three times longer
  • More than three times the cyclic stability
  • Considerably lower costs per cycle Specially developed for the extreme demands of the taxi industry

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