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Yuasa GS Car Batteries

Established in 1902, GS Yuasa Corporation Japan is the world leader in lead acid batteries. specializes in large format lithium ion battery technologies. GS Yuasa Corporation incorporates the most advance technology in exciting range of lithium ion batteries designed for specialty car markets. Yuasa GS car batteries were introduced at Automechanika in 2014. The launch of first ever technology placed Yuasa GS at front line of leading car battery brands. Today, GS Car Batteries series offers cost effective power solution for 99% cars and vans in Europe.

Yuasa GS Car Batteries are available under various sub-categories including: GS Titan Car Batteries, GS Titan AGM Car Batteries, GS Traditional Range Car Batteries and GS Specialist Japanese range. GS Titan AGM batteries are specially designed to match with stop& start technology being used extensively in modern cars and vans including various models from Honda and Toyota. It has been designed for excellent performance, high durability and reliability. After installing it, car owners will no longer experience water loss and other battery troubles they experienced before. Yuasa GS Car Batteries excel in performance, reliability and durability besides giving the freedom for regular maintenance.

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