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GS Titan AGM Car Batteries

GS Titan AGM Car Batteries became popular as the sealed lead acid batteries for the range of vehicles almost from all brands in Europe. Fine fiberglass mats are used to absorb lead acid; the trick makes the battery spill-proof even on rough terrains. AGM batteries offer low resistance while charging. The common experience is for delivering high currents as per demand. These serve for longer period even if deep-cycled. GS Titan AGM Car Batteries are maintenance free, provide excellent electrical reliability. These are popular because of being lighter than flooded type traditional lead acid batteries. The performance has been tested and experienced by the end users in low temperatures. Low self discharge gives the vehicles smooth start even after long period of standstill.

GS Titan AGM Car Batteries are specially designed for high-end automobiles that have all the modern electrical accessories demanding high power. 12 Volt GS Titan 019 AGM Car Battery is a 92Ah battery measuring about 353L x 175W x 190H and GS Titan 096 AGM Car Battery is a 70Ah battery measuring about 278L x 175W x 190H.

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