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GS Titan Car Batteries

GS Titan Car Batteries series is well expanded to match the technical specifications of almost 99% cars and vans in Europe. The launch of ‘GS Titan’ series put the brand at front line of leading car battery. Today, you have 38 modules to pick that best match with your car’s power specifications. Whatsoever you chose, you may be sure of getting the trouble free best performance in any weather. The GS Titan Batteries exceed the best performance demands by world’s leading vehicles manufacturers. The real benefit experienced by most the users is enhanced life compared to previous experience with conventional car batteries.

Each battery is tested for minimum 40,000 vehicle engine starts and maximum starting power. Titan battery series is expected to outperform original batteries that come with new vehicles. Sealed casing and minimal water consumption features make the owners tension free once they invest for supreme brand. GS Titan 063-46, GS Titan 335, GS Titan 077 and GS Titan 005 models showcase the variety in specifications. Your selection parameters like size and Ah may vary but you find the best offering in GS Titan Car Batteries series.

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