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GS Traditional Range Car Batteries

Although battery manufacturing has gone through long transformation phase and the advances are still being made yet number of classic old vehicles run in Europe with perfect performance. The high numbers of old vehicles still need traditional batteries for power source. The limitation to adopt the latest one may be because of existing cavity and battery box. GS Traditional Range Car Batteries offer the best solution to the owners of old vehicles; every GS Traditional Range Car battery model imparts the same technological benefits but in old casing. If you own a 1980’s - 1990’s vehicle, GS Traditional Car Batteries are just for you.

The series consists GS Traditional 072 Car Battery, GS Traditional 065-50 Car Battery, GS Traditional 063-36 Car Battery, GS Traditional 049 Car Battery and GS Traditional 038 Car Battery etc modules to empower your car and its electrical accessories. Just introduced 26Ah 12 Volt GS Traditional 896 Car Battery is sized 187L x 127W x 181H for the vehicles with smaller battery pocket. Low cost, superior starting power and excellent longevity make GS Traditional batteries popular in the classic car owners’ community.