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Exide Commercial Batteries

Today, Exide has unsurpassed global market reach. It is among very few battery manufacturers that produces range of batteries for every possible application. Exide Commercial Batteries are known for durability, accuracy and technological excellence. Exide Commercial Batteries are designed to be absolutely maintenance free with unique battery casing that is time tested to face extreme conditions. Selection of right Exide Commercial battery for different commercial applications rewards in terms of long time saving and mental peace of having the best.

Any of Exide Expert HVR Commercial Batteries is a powerful choice for heavy vehicles with advance gadget. These are designed to last longer meeting the varying power consumption trend of heavy commercial vehicles. Exide Expert HVR Commercial Batteries deliver the proven technological benefits of filtered degassing and Ca/Ca alloy. Exide Professional Power series batteries are designed with reinforced cell technology using Ca/Ca alloy. Exide Professional series batteries are a great choice for pre-2000 commercial vehicles. Use of single plug venting and Sb/Ca alloy technology with traditional lead/acid technology makes this series batteries special.

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