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GS Titan Commercial Batteries

GS Titan Commercial Batteries are brought to you by GS Battery (USA) Inc., subsidiary of GS Yuasa Japan. The brand has established itself as the leading brand to serve the varying power needs of different segments of motorcycles, power backup storage applications, power sports, UPS, emergency lighting systems and telecommunication etc. Titan range batteries are the latest introduction by GS that suit to the power needs of more than 97% of passenger cars and vans in UK. The range is hailed for delivering high quality power backup and optimized current as per marked and claimed specifications. Many times more service life as compared to leading brands of conventional batteries put GS Titan Commercial Batteries in special category.

GS Titan AGM Car Batteries got tremendous response as best performing lead acid batteries. Fine fiberglass mats are used to absorb lead acid; the trick makes the battery spill-proof even on rough terrains.Designed and tested for smooth starting power and over 40,000 cold engine starts, GS Titan Commercial Batteries deliver long time benefits as award for choosing the power backup companion. The performance from start is so smooth that Titan batteries are often forgotten after fitting. These are 100% maintenance free and rarely need water top ups.

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