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Varta Commercial Batteries

Continuous product and improvement innovations are guiding the commercial battery manufacturers to design the best products for extreme performance. One such name in the global market that surfaces at top is Varta. Varta is a well established brand that has gained worldwide repute for offering just the latest and best for every application; may it be commercial, industrial, household or automobile. Varta Commercial Batteries are available under three much famed series- Varta Promotive Blue, Varta Promotive Silver and Varta Promotive Black. Each series batteries are designed differently for particular applications; and, the range is so wide that every application finds the best power source.

With range of capacity needs and applications, VARTA offers the optimized choice for the commercial and personal vehicles with Start-Stop functionality and high energy demands. From vans to trucks, long distance buses, coaches, fire engines, harvesters and heavy duty construction vehicles equipped with lots of accessories, the unrivalled range of Varta Commercial Batteries offer the best cheap storage power solution. The deep cycle recharging reduces the downtime even if the vehicles remain parked for long.

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