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Varta Promotive Blue Batteries

Varta Promotive Blue Batteries are excellent all- rounder. These offer highly reliable versatile solution for wide spectrum of applications encompassing agricultural applications, municipal tasks, heavy duty vehicles, delivery vehicles etc that demand high demand off-road and on- road. Promotive Blue batteries deliver best in class cold start performance for entire range of heavy duty engines, so, you will enjoy the power just from the first ‘press’. These are specially designed for high-demanding commercial vehicles. Innovative Acid Reserve Designing and Labyrinth lid technique make Varta Promotive Blue series batteries the robust choice for extreme condition.

Varta Promotive Blue Batteries with 15 months long shelf life deliver high cycling stability and exceed to EN 4 and V3 standards. Varta M9 620hd Commercial Battery, Varta Commercial K10 627/637 shd Battery, Varta Commercial K8 630 HD Battery and Varta M8 629hd Commercial Battery offer the desired variety in CCA, Ah and size.

High-Performance                         Lowest Water Consumption                       Extremely Safe                

Integral Flame Arrestors               Terminal Guards                                           Special Caps      

Minimal Self Discharge                 Calcium-Silver Technology                        OE Technology

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