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Yuasa Commercial Batteries

Yuasa is a leading brand in valve regulated lead-acid battery line offering the best suitable match to power the automobile applications, industrial applications, motorcycles, R&D applications, Leisure vehicles and the range of home applications. Yuasa products including the much famous AGM batteries and NP range are time tested for range of commercial vehicles. Wide range of Yuasa Commercial Batteries is specially designed to meet out the challenges posed by modern age commercial vehicles equipped with numerous power sensitive accessories. Typical applications include light commercial, heavy commercial, stationary engines, hiabs, tail lifts, material handling, pumping trucks, campervans, earth movers, back-up generators, agricultural equipment and mining equipments etc.

Famous for out of box performance, Yuasa Commercial Batteries can be grouped in two major categories: Yuasa Cargo Heavy Duty Batteries (HD) and Yuasa Cargo Super Heavy Duty Batteries (SHD). Yuasa 451P, 6v 224Ah Cargo Batteries, Yuasa 643, 12v 96Ah Cargo Batteries and Yuasa 663, 12v 105Ah Cargo Batteries etc exhibit the variety of Yuasa Commercial Cargo Heavy Duty Batteries (HD) while Yuasa 622SHD 12v 150Ah Cargo SHD Battery and Yuasa 625SHD 12v 230Ah Cargo SHD Battery like models showcase the suitability of options this leading battery brands offers.

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