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Gys Inverter CONVERGYS 300W

Gys Inverter CONVERGYS 300W

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    Gys Inverter CONVERGYS 300W


    The ConverGYS 300 modified sine inverter provides a 230v power supply of up to 300 watts continuously from your 12v battery. It it supplied with two sets of connector leads - one, for appliances up to 150w, simply plugs into a standard cigar lighter socket. The other, with thicker cable, is connected directly to the battery to allow the full output of the inverter to be utilised. Like its smaller 150w brother, it is compact and lightweight and it is highly efficient, with a rated maximum efficiency of 90.5% And on top of all that it is very competitively priced.... The CONVERGYS 300w inverter provides a 230v power source, able to supply or recharge most small mains-power devices up to 300w (mobile phone, laptop, LCD TV for example...). Its USB socket (5V) allows the charging of various devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras etc. For a fuller list of suggested compatible applications please see the data sheet which you can download below. Please note that modified-sine inverters might not be suitable for a small proportion of electronic or induction powered devices (whereas more expensive pure sine inverters will work with all types) Features - safety and simplicity Can be plugged into a single cigar lighter outlet for loads up to 150w - or connected directly to your 12v battery using the supplied heavy duty cable, for loads up to 300w. Light, compact and versatile for use in any circumstances (business trips, travels...) Two sockets for different types of electrical device (230V + USB) Thermal protection, fan and ventilation (fan runs continuously when the unit is plugged into the DC supply) Protected against overload and short-circuits Protected against over and under voltage Specifications Input voltage DC: 10v - 14.8v Output AC:230v (+/- 10%); socket multi, including UK standard 3-pin Continuous power output : 300w Peak/spike power output: 600w Output frequency: 50Hz +/- 3Hz Output USB DC: 5v, 500mA Output waveform: modified sine wave Output efficiency: 90.5% 12v input No-Load current: 0.35amp Low voltage range: < 9.6v Over voltage range: > 15v Size approx cms: 15 (+ cable terminals protrude 2cm) x 10 x 6 Weight: 950g Certification: CE

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