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Banner Leisure Batteries

Banner ‘Energy Bull’ Leisure Batteries is a perfect choice for marine and leisure applications. Leisure battery needs special characteristics to provide peak performance for different applications. The Energy Bull series meets the special demands with ease because of having out of box features like offers long life, cost efficiency, operational safety and ease in handling etc. Energy Bull Banner Leisure Batteries are uncompromising in quality. Each variant is designed to handle the diversity in applications at yachts, motorboats, caravans and campers. Extreme cycle resistant, durable, maintenance free, operational safety, backfire protection, minimized water consumption and minimum self-discharge, easy charging, environment friendly and vibration resistance like features make Banner Leisure Batteries a prime choice of professionals.

Banner Box Energy Bull Leisure Battery - 95501, Box Energy Bull 678 Leisure Battery 95551 n Box Energy Bull 643 / 679 Leisure Battery 95901 offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose.