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Bosch Leisure Batteries

Bosch is a renowned name in automotive technology innovators; this brand is known for supplying the quality batteries for range of applications including very specific Bosch leisure batteries. Bosch spends almost 8% of total sales revenue for R&D; it helps the brand to sustain its years’ old worldwide repute. Bosch ensures that each module meets the best quality standards to deliver ultimate durability and fitment ease for all the popular automotive brands may it be for cars, vans, motorcycles, scooters, special vehicles.

Bosch Leisure Batteries are available in wide range of capacities 75ah to 105ah. High drain designing ensures maximum performance until the last. Bosch Leisure batteries come with unique 2 years guarantee. These are ideal match for boats, golf carts, yachts, caravans, and more including the range of entertaining equipments. These offer power back up as reliable and powerful as at home.

High Cycle Stability                          Short Charging Times                     IU Characteristic Curve

Long Service Life                              Maintenance Free                           EN Standards

Leak Proof 

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