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Diamond Leisure Batteries

Founded by Trevor Horner in 1996, Easystart Ltd. is an independent battery supplier throughout United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Quality and reliability in combined has become the identity of brand. With years of experience, the company knows the power demanding nature of modern leisure vehicles and applications. It offers exclusive premium quality Diamond Leisure Batteries range for leisure applications with different purposes. Diamond Leisure Batteries, designed in durable polypropylene case are ultimate segment to explore if the super concern is high-performance. Diamond Leisure Batteries fit to most caravans equipped with sensitive onboard instruments and equipments. The Diamond XL110E & XL110LB with Charge level indicators like models offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget n purpose. 

Sealed                                                  Maintenance Free Means            No Topping Up                 Deep Cycling

Serious Starting Power                     Ncc Specifications                         Carry Handle

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