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GS Neptune Deep Cycle Leisure Batteries

GS Battery is an American subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation Japan. GS Neptune is well popular range of deep cycle powerful leisure batteries designed to meet the best standards in industry. GS Neptune Deep Cycle Leisure Batteries are best designed for the range of applications including caravans, motor-homes and yachts. These are known for improved capacity to recover from deep cycle. High demand is expected at leisure batteries because of different entertaining and other gadgets installed including TVs, DVDs, fridges, microwaves. GS Neptune Deep Cycle Leisure Batteries deliver lifetime dependable power you can rely upon for quality.

Whatsoever mission may be, GS Neptune Deep Cycle Leisure Batteries have the technological excellence to support your efforts, so that, you could enjoy the time at best. GS Neptune Leisure Battery 20-hour rate (Ah) L100 680 Capacity; GS Neptune Leisure Battery L80 20-hour rate (Ah) 678 Capacity with 80 (Amps)cold cranking performance  and GS Neptune Leisure Battery L110 681 Capacity with110 (Amps) cold cranking performance offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose.

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