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UKB Leisure Batteries

Leisure enthusiasts want the best from every minute spent in great outdoor locations. Occasions with specific purpose, extreme weather conditions and tough challenges entertain them. Whether it is a well equipped Motorhome or the caravan, they need reliable and portable power back up solution for long hours. UKB Leisure Batteries are designed just for this class of buyers who want just the best brand and the battery class. If your concern is constant and reliable power for camper & caravans, UKB Leisure Batteries series offer the best options to compare and chose. Unique plates construction, increased electrical capacity, improved deep cycling and great vibration resistance extend the service life. Spill-proof UKB Leisure Batteries are designed with completely Labyrinth Lid Technology that prevents water loss. Any of these would be excellent choice for the applications where you need multiple connections. These are made to set fit in limited spaces. These are extremely safe as emission is exhausted externally with extra protection to gas combustion.  Platinum Deep Cycle Leisure Battery SD685L, Platinum Leisure 685L and Plus SD6110LL 110Ah Leisure Battery models offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose. 

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