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Varta Professional Agm Leisure Batteries

Varta Professional Agm Leisure Batteries are designed with AGM technology. Batteries got tremendous response as best performing lead acid batteries. Fine fiberglass mats are used to absorb lead acid; the trick makes the battery spill-proof even on rough terrains. Designed and tested for smooth starting power, Varta Professional Agm Leisure Batteries deliver long time benefits including cost cutting.

Professional Dual Purpose AGM is specially designed for Leisure applications with high energy demands. The same battery can be used to power the accessories and electronic gadgets as well as to start the engines. Professional Dual Purpose AGM series is an excellent choice for the seasonal use. Whenever you are in mood to drive motor boat or the caravan even in extreme winter, it is ready to take you there. Professional Deep Cycle AGM batteries are designed to offer adequate energy reserves for special applications and long time tasks. The special qualities of Varta Professional Agm Leisure Batteries are:

High-Performance           AGM Technology             Superb Shock Resistant

Vibration Resistant          Long Lasting                     Minimal Self-Discharge

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