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Varta Professional Deep Cycle Batteries

VARTA Professional battery range is designed to power marine crafts such as electric boat, yacht and motorboat plus many kinds of motor -homes and caravans. These deep cycle Varta batteries are designed to deeply discharge the capacity before re-charging. These are special class starting batteries specially designed to provide adequate short but powerful burst required to start cold engines. Plates of VARTA Professional Deep Cycle batteries have high density material enabling to withstand stresses of regular deep cycling without loss of capacity. Varta Professional Deep Cycle Batteries with assurance of 40-50% more cycles are excellent choice for seasonal use. Whenever you are in mood to drive motor boat or the caravan even in extreme winter, it is ready to take you there powering all the entertainment and essential gadgets. Varta Professional DC LFD60, DC LFD75, DC LFD90 and Professional DC LFD180 like variants offer the variety in size, CCA and ah. 

High-Performance           Deep Cycle Technology                 Superb Shock Resistant

Vibration Resistant          Long Lasting                                     Minimal Self-Discharge

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