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Yuasa Leisure Batteries

Yuasa is a premium battery brand with global presence. Whatever leisure application you have in mind, this leading brand with decades old history of existence in UK offers the best power back up solution. Extensive range of Yuasa Leisure Batteries is designed for particular applications in particular conditions; so, the professionals highly rely only upon Yuasa. Whatsoever mission may be, Yuasa Leisure Batteries have the technological excellence to support your efforts, so that, you could enjoy the time at best whether on electric boat, yacht or motorboat. These are dependable power source for both the essentials like luxuries and interior lighting. These batteries exceed EN4 SHD and V3 vibration resistance standards.

Grid design of the Yuasa Leisure line battery is optimized to ensure max life and a consistent deep cycling. Yuasa Leisure Batteries lineup is especially developed for European Leisure battery market.


High-Performance                           Superb Shock Resistant                 Vibration Resistant          Long Lasting

Minimal Self-Discharge                  Flame Arrestor                                 Charge Indicator

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