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Millers Extend Red Antifreeze 4x5L

Millers Extend Red Antifreeze 4x5L

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    Quick Overview

    Alpine Antifreeze Extend is a monoethylene glycol based automotive antifreeze and coolant, suitable for all year
    round use in the cooling systems of all internal combustion engines. Utilising OAT (organic acid technology).

    Freezing Protection Concentration % vol in water

    33% -20C Freezing Protection

    50% -37C Freezing Protection

    Alpine Antifreeze Extend is recommended for use in all petrol and diesel engines meeting most European and
    International standards.


    USER BENEFITS: · The product offers protection from freezing down to –37C and protection from corrosion for all metals found in the cooling system. · Extra long life – up to 150,000 miles or 5 years whichever occurs first · Vastly superior corrosion protection · No silicates, nitrates, amines, borates or phosphates, leading to improved stability and freedom from scale and deposits. · The latest technology is employed to give freedom from foaming and scale build up. · Suitable for mixed fleets,may be used in all diesel and petrol engines · Best possible protection for all parts of the cooling system · Utilises organic acid technology to provide effective corrosion inhibition · Meets most European and International standards. TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Specific Gravity 15.6°C IP 60 1.113 PH (33% volume aqueous solution) 7.7 – 8.5 at 25°C Boiling Point °C 172 Colour Red

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