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Yuasa Motorcycle Conventional 12V Batteries

Yuasa offers extensive range of conventional flooded electrolyte batteries in the segments of 6 and 12 volts. The capacity varies from 2 to 25 AH. “YuMicron” and “YuMicron CX” conventional motorcycles batteries are of 12-volts. These offer wide range current capacity 2.5 - 30 AH. Yuasa YuMicron delivers powerful advantage as it is designed with two extra plates in each cell; the result is 30% improved cranking performance. YuMicron CX series batteries are designed with highly praised "lead calcium" technology. “YTX” and “YTZ” series was introduced as Powersports batteries designed with AGM technology. These high Performance Yuasa Motorcycle Conventional 12V- 2.3 to 30 AH batteries are available in different sizes to suit the available battery space in two wheelers.  Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology is known as most advance battery design technology that eliminates water top ups recheck. Once filled as per standards, users hardly need to check the water or acid level. 

Maximum Power                           Sealed Posts                                                    Corrosion Resistant 

Longer Battery Life                        Polypropylene Cover                                     Enhanced Safety 

Heat-Sealed                                   Bonded Case Fabrication                             Seepage Resistant

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