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Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron Batteries

YuMicron batteries are perfect selection always for special power backup demands of ATVs, watercraft, modified two wheelers, snowmobiles etc. These perform excellent for accessory-laden motorcycles and touring bikes with lots of modifications. Heavy duty YuMicron battery features special glass mats to protect the vibration damage. Its usage in design ensures 35% more power than that of conventional types. Wall inter-cell connectors minimize the internal resistance and Sulphate deposition. Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron Batteries deliver powerful advantage as it is designed with two extra plates in each cell; the result is 30% improved cranking performance.

Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron Batteries are available in extensive range of power and sizes; so, it is always the best choice to cherish your motorcycles. Long life brings the cost benefits while the brand repute delivers the peace of mind for having just the best. Available in almost 52 models, Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron Batteries series includes cheap motorcycle batteries models like Yuasa YB16B-A1 Motorcycle Batteries, Yuasa YB16AL-A2 Motorcycle Batteries, Yuasa YB14L-A2 Motorcycle Batteries and Yuasa YB14L-B2 Motorcycle Batteries etc.

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