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Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron CX Batteries

Yuasa Motorcycle YuMicron CX Batteries are designed with highly praised "lead calcium" technology; and, these are the first in this class. YuMicron CX technology offers increased power, low maintenance and long life. YuMicron CX series batteries are specially designed for complex and big size vehicles with more weight that need high cranking power instantly. YuMicron CX battery ensures all the time tested benefits of standard YuMicron series batteries including reduced self-discharge.

2.3Ah and 45EN Yuasa YTR4A-BS Motorcycle Batteries measuring 114mm x 39mm x 86mm are specially designed for Honda SFX50, Honda SJ50 Bali , Honda SR50, Honda X8R-Batteries and Honda ZX50. 20Ah Yuasa Y50-N18L-A-CX Motorbike Batteries measuring 205mm x 90mm x 162mm set fit to basic motorcycle variants of almost all the leading brands including Harley Davidson. 19Ah 255EN Yuasa YB16-B-CX Motorcycle Batteries are the budget motorcycle battery option for Harley Davidson motorcycle owners.

Maximum Power                           Sealed Posts                                                   Corrosion Resistant 

Longer Battery Life                       Polypropylene Cover                                     Enhanced Safety 

Heat-Sealed                                  Bonded Case Fabrication                             Seepage Resistant

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