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Bison Batteries

Bison US Type Batteries series is a great introduction after deep research by Bison Battery Co., Ltd. established in 2003 at Korea. BISON batteries are ideal for deep cycle consistent requirements. This class is known for offering reliability, durability and improved time in-between the cycles. BISON batteries selection can be made by exploring flooded and AGM categories catering wide range of special applications more demanding and heavy duty in nature. The superior quality & faster recharge capacities make BISON a leading brand with global user community. Deep cycle AGM BISON batteries are perfect choice for heavy duty automotive tractions, industrial machineries and electrical systems. BISON Flooded Deep Cycle batteries are specially designed for rigorous marine, floor scrubbers, leisure, access lifts, golf buggies and industrial applications.

Tested to extreme conditions, Bison US Type Batteries deliver the technological excellence at the grounds of superb shock resistance, high-performance, superb technology, vibration resistance, long life, minimal self-discharge etc.

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