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Crown Gel batteries

Crown Battery is an American battery manufacturing and marketing company established in 1926 at Ohio. Crown Batteries with decades old history of existence in UK offer the best power back up solution when you are out for hours and days. Crown Gel batteries are dependable power source for range of applications at home or away. Tested to extreme conditions these deliver the technological excellence at the grounds of superb shock resistance, high-performance, superb technology, vibration resistance, long life, minimal self-discharge etc. Spillage proof GEL technology makes this class a premium segment for special requirements. Crown Gel batteries are maintenance free. As these do not emit hydrogen fumes, so, these can be charged even in poor ventilated spaces.

Crown CEG 12CEG75 GEL VRLA, Crown CEG 12CEG100 GEL and Crown CEG 6CEG225 GEL VRLA Battery offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose. 

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