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Exide Specialist Batteries

Exide battery brand that does not need introduction to experienced battery users and buyers. This premium brand is being made available worldwide through reliable network ensuring the best of art support. Exide specialist batteries are made for special purposes including agriculture, commercial, leisure, industrial, lighting, automobiles etc. Exide Dual - Better, Sprinter AGM, Exide Start Better, Exide Starting AGM Superior and Equipment Gel Batteries may be scanned for this category. AGM is Absorbent Glass Mat technology; it is the latest to deliver optimal performance in extreme conditions and applications. Exide Specialist AGM Batteries perform the same in both the conditions- high-charge or partial charge.

Exide Specialist Batteries with Spill proof body are rugged, these withstand for long recreational use delivering stable current. Exide has been the preferred choice for remote applications in camper trailers, motor homes, boats and caravans. Deep cycle- AGM recharge technology suites for horizontal & vertical both the fitments. EM900 Exide Battery, ER550 Exide Dual Better Battery and ES650 Exide Equipment Gel Superior Battery etc offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose. 

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