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Exide Dual - Better

EXIDE Technologies with presence in over 80 countries is the global leader in manufacturing of cheap lead-acid batteries. After inventing HVR (High Vibration Resistant) technology that better resists vibrations besides improving the battery life, Exide the leading battery brand is again in lime light for introducing dual battery technology for commercial and special applications. The new DUAL BATTERY SYTEM incorporates two AGM Orbital heavy duty batteries to deliver engine cranking power in addition to two GEL class batteries to deliver power for electric accessories. Benefits of Exide Dual - Better series are notable. Improved starting performance turns previous experience in to the amazing feel of using the best technology by the best brand.  Reduced weight results in fuel saving; it means you save with Exide Dual – Better when used in fire engines, rescue vehicles, police cars, military vehicles, industrial applications and commercial vehicles.  

ER350 Exide Dual Better Battery, ER450, ER550 and ER650 are the models that offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose.

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