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Exide Equipment Best Batteries

With very impressive120 years’ long history with an edge, Exide delivers premium quality at competitive price; it is because of experience, client centric business culture and the custom of using latest technology. Exide Equipment Best Batteries are designed for sensitive equipments and instruments used for range of applications in transportation, marine vessels, leisure vehicles, manufacturing and agriculture etc.  Equipment Best Batteries by Exide are used extensively in telecommunications system, railroad systems, photovoltaic applications, uninterrupted power needs, mobile power applications and electric utilities etc. The class is a wining choice of experienced users who want just the best quality with surety of safety, space saving, low maintenance, leakage proof, smoothness, power quality and life. These are referred as the cost efficient stored power solution that delivers the ultimate benefits of technical advancement.   


Maintenance Free                           Suitable For Long Ideal Period                    No Location Constraint 

Spark and Spill-Proof                     Suitable For Side Mount                               High Vibration

Tilt Resistant                                     Quick Recharge Saved                                 Space Saver

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