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Exide Equipment Gel Superior Batteries

Today, Exide has unsurpassed global market reach. It is among very few battery manufacturers that produces range of batteries for every possible application. Exide Equipment Gel Superior Batteries are known for durability, accuracy and technological excellence. Exide Equipment Gel Superior Batteries are designed for the vessels with separate electrical circuits to power up on board instruments and utility gadgets. These are designed to last longer meeting the varying power consumption trend of heavy marine vehicles. The time tested Gel technology offers extended safety. The batteries of this class with standard round terminals are easier to use and are maintenance free. The battery allows space saving around 30%. ES2400, ES1000-6, ES950 and ES1100-6 Exide Equipment Gel Superior Battery models offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and particular purpose.

Maintenance Free                           Suitable For Long Ideal Period                    No Location Constraint 

Spark And Spill-Proof                     Suitable For Side Mount                               High Vibration

Tilt Resistant                                     Quick Recharge Saved                                 Space Saver

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