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Exide Start Better Battery

Next-generation vehicles with stop/start system demand more than it was expected before from the vehicle’s battery; so, you need a special capacity battery that could feed all the modern electrical and electronic gadgets. Exide Start Better Battery series designed for this particular application offers seven options to choose the best match. New technology minimizes the battery wear and tear by start-stop system in vehicles. 12v 50Ah Exide EN500 Battery size 207mm x 175mm x 190mm, 12v 50Ah Exide EN600 Battery size 207mm x 175mm x 190mm, 12v 74Ah Exide EN750 Battery size 278mm x 175mm x 190mm, 12v 140Ah Exide EN900 Battery size 513mm x 189mm x 223mm like models offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and vehicle’s requirements. Exide Start Better Batteries are designed as the extension of Exide Specialist Batteries; so, you can expect the extreme performance even in worst conditions. Specially designed Exide Start Better Battery with EN taper post delivers four times cycle life, 20 % more power.

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