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Exide Starting AGM - Superior Batteries

Exide's absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology delivers almost four times better cycle life. 20% more power comes as a big benefit of using the premium brand that has more than 80 years long history to convince anyone. Exide Starting AGM - Superior Batteries have the capability for three times more charging than standard batteries. It is achieved through high performance state of the art technology using advance lead-tin alloy, high surface glass-mat separators and carbon additives. Exide Starting AGM - Superior Batteries provide very high power to start the engines. Its Calcium/calcium alloy plates technology   guarantees for greater security and almost nil maintenance free. The design makes these batteries flexible to install in different positions as per space available. EM900 Exide Battery, EM1000 Exide Battery and EM1100 Exide Starting AGM - Superior Batteries offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose.

Maintenance Free                           Suitable For Long Ideal Period                    No Location Constraint 

Spark And Spill-Proof                     Suitable For Side Mount                               High Vibration

Tilt Resistant                                     Quick Recharge Saved

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