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Sonnenschein Gel GF-V Range

Exide is a global brand with solid reputation. Sonnenschein Gel GF-V Range by Exide offers extra edge to your actions and performance. Brand longevity has been an identity. Using gas re-combination gel GF-V technology refined over the years, Sonnenschein Gel GF-V batteries are perfect choice for consistent float charge & deep cycling. These can be used for marine, leisure and recreational applications. The robust designing ensures substantial long deep cycles life. This segment batteries are premium quality batteries for uninterrupted dependable communication. VRLA Sonnenschein Gel GF-V Range batteries are reliable partner to boost your business capacities. These are available in wide range to suit range of applications:  50 - 160 Ah (12V) and 160 - 240 Ah (6V).

Sonnenschein GF 06 180 V Battery, Sonnenschein GF 12 090 V Battery and Sonnenschein GF 12 105 V Battery etc offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose. 

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