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Trojan Specialist Batteries

Trojan is trusted for providing reliable power solutions since last 85 Years. Trojan Specialist Batteries are known worldwide for unique deep cycle technology that makes this class batteries long lasting and performing. Tested to extreme conditions, Trojan Specialist Batteries deliver the technological excellence at the grounds of superb shock resistance, high-performance, superb technology, vibration resistance, long life, minimal self-discharge etc. This class is designed for special applications in different verticals including golf, renewable energy, floor machine, aerial working platform, marine, vehicle, commercial trucking and recreational etc. The brand offers enough options for particular requirements and available spaces. Trojan Specialist 6 Volt, Trojan Specialist Golf, 12 Volt Trojan Specialist Batteries, Marine Trojan Batteries, Trojan AGM Specialist Batteries, Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Specialist Batteries are just few categories to name. Trojan Battery Deep Cycle L16RE2V, Trojan 6V-AGM, SCS200 Trojan Battery, Deep Cycle SCS150 Trojan, Deep Cycle J185G Trojan offer the variety expected to optimize the selection according to budget and purpose.

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