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Trojan Deep Cycle AGM Gel Batteries

Utilizing its proprietary gel technology, Trojan’s deep cycle heavy duty gel batteries provide comparatively better cycle life than that of traditional gel and AGM batteries. Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Batteries are named as the best option for heavy-duty commercial and automotive applications. Trojan batteries are known worldwide for delivering consistent performance and rugged durability much needed for the equipments requiring sealed power batteries. Trojan deep-cycle gel battery line is best choice if the environmental regulations are prime concern besides the safety, quality, performance and cost like in schools, hospitals, office buildings and airports. Here you have spectrum of 6V and 12V options.

Trojan AGM - absorbent glass mat Deep Cycle batteries have out of box quality benefits compared to traditional wet cells batteries. Maintenance-free, no leakage design, Low self discharge, Fast Deep discharge recovery, Heavy duty, corrosion free terminals are just few of those. AGM Series 24AGM, AGM Series 27AGM and Trojan Battery AGM Series 31AGM are the time tested variants. 

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