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Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Batteries

Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Batteries are 95% recyclable; so feel proud of using environment friendly product. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Batteries deliver the technological excellence when the concerns are superb shock resistance, high-performance, superb technology, vibration resistance, long life, minimal self-discharge etc. Winner of Genie 2012 “Outstanding Performance” Award and 2013 Frost and Sullivan “Innovative Enterprise” Award, Deep Cycle Trojan Gel Batteries are manufactured according to rigorous world class battery testing procedures adhered to BCI & International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) standards. Maximum power, sealed posts, corrosion resistant, longer battery life, polypropylene cover, enhanced safety, heat-sealed, bonded case fabrication and seepage resistant are the features that put Trojan 24Gel-DT, Trojan 27Gel-UT and 31Gel-UT etc to a special Deep Cycle Gel Batteries class. Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Batteries are used more in applications with higher charge - discharge currents requirements like in UPS, aerial tasks, material handling in industries and renewable energy applications.

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