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Sterling Power B124 6/12v 4a Portable Charger

Sterling Power B124 6/12v 4a Portable Charger

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    Sterling Power B124 6/12v 4a Portable Charger


    This is a 100% unique product, not available anywhere else in the world and totally designed and conceived by Sterling. In order to overcome all problems experienced now and in the future with standard advanced alternator regulators This is simply to help people understand what it does and where it should be used and should not in any way demean any of the other charging products we manufacture.

    Features :

    Microprocessor controlled, ideal for 12V vehicles.
    5-stage intelligent charging characteristics.
    De-sulphation protection Great for WET, GEL, AGM and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.
    Winter charging model can be chosen.
    Continuous maintenance charging function/battery rejuvenation pulse function
    Diagnosis and rescue function for deeply discharged batteries as low as 7.5 V.
    Connection over-insulated charging clips or eyelets possible.
    Suitable for outdoor using, dustproof and splash-proof (IP 65).
    Safety functions including reverse polarity protection and short circuit.
    Battery capacity: 1.2 Ah-120 Ah

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