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Yuasa Yu - Power Series Batteries

Some power applications are of critical categories because the quality of power supply directly affects the performance of sensitive gadgets i.e. alarm systems, wheelchairs, golf trolleys, emergency lighting, torches, ride on toys, UPS system and electrical instruments. As being the experienced Cyclic Batteries Supplier since years, we know the importance of brand value. Today, Just Car Batteries, UK is known as the best source to buy Yuasa Cyclic Battery online at cheap price.

We have been the authorized dealer for complete line of Yuasa batteries since years. With passage of time, the smooth performance of Yuasa Cyclic Batteries strengthened our bond with clients. At Just Car Batteries, UK, we endeavor to serve the clients from any sector in best of capabilities. We stock the complete range of Yuasa power series batteries; so, the delivery period for every order is kept around 24 hrs. Whatsoever your need may be, we have the best match:

Yuasa YPC8-12 Cyclic Battery 12v 8Ah Yuasa YPC14-12 Cyclic Battery 12v 14Ah
Yuasa YPC55-12h (t6) Cyclic Battery 12v 55Ah Yuasa YPC75-12 Cyclic Battery 12v 75Ah
Yuasa YPC33-12 Cyclic Battery 12v 33Ah Yuasa YPC55-12h (t6) Cyclic Battery 12v 55Ah


For critical power supply needs, we offer only ‘Yuasa’ because of the technically approved and socially appreciated salient features like:

Double Cycle Valve-Regulated Maintenance-Free
Durability For Deep Discharge Minimal Self-Discharge Thicker Plates
Micro-Porous Rubber Separators Grid Plates With Radial Geometry  


Yuasa power series batteries are specially designed for long term trouble free performance for critical power supply applications in Golf trolley, Professional Tools, Emergency Lighting, Mobility scooters, Sprayers, Photovoltaic’s, Industrial Applications, Communications, Lifts, Pumps, Measuring instruments, AGV (Automatic guided vehicle) and Magnetic lifts etc.

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